Do You Need Center Support for Bed Frame? (All You Need to Know)

To have a proper bedding setup, you should never compromise with center support.

A bed with the right center support can bring a whole lot of difference. The moment you attach supports to your bed, you feel the actual difference. 

Do you need center support for bed frame? 

It comes with a ‘yes’ answer. Center support is not only meant for ensuring comfort, but it also adds durability to the bed mattress and frames. Many reputed and well-known mattress companies also suggest setting your bed up using center supports. 

Does a king size bed need center support?

Many households choose king size beds for their large bedrooms. A king size bed is meant for a spacious place. To place a king size mattress, the center support is needed in a bed frame. If not, the mattress will lose its balance easily. 

But if you ensure the rigid center support is attached to the bed frame only then the mattress will be placed firmly. However, the legs as the support should touch the floor. Otherwise, mattresses tend to sag within some weeks. 

And so, it consequently affects your body by creating an abnormal sagging impression. Remember that a full size or twin bed does not require a center support but a king size bed comes with an average width of 76-inch and a length of 80-inch. This mattress size always requires central support. 

Do you need center support for queen bed frame?

Just like the king size bed, a queen bed is also a large one for larger bedrooms. Though the king bed comes with larger dimensions yet queen size beds are very close to king ones according to the dimensions. 

The average width and length of a queen size bed are 60-inch and 80-inch respectively. Therefore, the queen bed also needs center support just like the king size bed. 

Do you need center support for full bed frame?

A frame will always need support to stand. Nothing is exceptional in the case of a full bed frame. For a proper foundation of the whole bed frame, center support is required along with the side legs. 

If you want your precious mattress to serve you properly, you need to build the perfect frame for it. Additionally, a proper bed frame must include center support. 

Without the center support, the middle portion of the mattress gets weaken and it also causes sagginess to your new mattress. Moreover, nowadays most people go for luxurious mattresses. 

These mattresses are way thicker and heavier than before which is tough for the slats to hold up the heavyweight. It bows the wood slats causing discomfort to your body and damage to your luxurious mattress. 

How to make center support for bed frame?

Wood slats are not always the best solution especially when you have a quality mattress. However, metal supports are always recommended for a woody or metal bed frame. 

It will help last the mattress longer. There are some newer models for center supports available in the market. These are some of the modern metal center supports made for bed frames. 

Many platform beds come without a center rail that also works as a center support. Bed rails are meant to be used both with the footboard and headboard. Most quality rails are made of angle iron. 

This feature creates a foundation of support for the bed. However, bed rails are not always enough you have to put beams in the center as well. Hence, with the right placement of bed rails, bed slats, and beams, you can ensure proper center support for the bed frame. 

How do you put middle support on a bed frame?

Center support along with additional metal rails and other supports, make it easier to have a proper bed frame. Now that box springs are not used anymore to place a mattress, the setup of a bed frame needs to be exact and flexible for the mattress. However, many metal middle rails come with a leg and a foot as a center support. You just simply need to screw the foot in the leg first. 

Twirl the foot until you think it will keep touching the floor making balance with the whole bed frame. And then tighten the wing nut properly. Now it is time to put it over the lip of the metal rail. 

Clip the support on the rail technically and then you are done with the center support. Finally, put the slats without leaving much space between them and then place the mattress properly. 

There are some examples of Adjustable center support system for bed: 

For your convenience, we have come up with some examples that will be a great solution for the center support of your bed. Let’s get to them. 

1. Kings Brand Furniture – Adjustable Height Center Support Leg for Bed Frame

With an adjustable height, this frame is highly recommended. This is metal support and built with a strong feature. This strong metal improves durability and also adds value to the wooden slats. Moreover, it comes with center leg support separately. 

The bottom of the leg support has a nylon feature. This feature resists the floor from scuffing. A chrome finish of the leg ensures its longevity. It comes with both plastic and metal construction with an adjustable height of 7.25-inch to 14-inch. 

It indicates its compatibility with beds of different heights. This center support is meant to reduce discomfort and mattress sagging. Its strong yet simple unibody construction also adds support to the wooden slats of the bed. 

The nylon bottom also comes with a metal glide. Hence, you get a strong, long-lasting, and most importantly rust-resistant center support for the bed frame. The glide proves an efficient feature by proving a proper give away of the total weight to the overall mattress and bed.

What We Like: 

  • Adjustable height feature fits with any bed platform.
  • Built with a nylon bottom that prevents floor scratching. 
  • Comes with an easy setup and attachment to the bed.
  • Versatile and made of quality material. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • Some users find stability issue. 

2. Sidasu Bed Leg Support Adjustable Height Bed Support

This is another example to have ideal center support for your bed platform. It comes with a set of total 2 legs. This center support leg set from Sidasu is now the new hyped product for a comfortable bed. The legs are made of 304 stainless steel support. These slat support legs are made for queen-sized beds. 

The support set works together and protects the mattress from getting damaged or sagged. The legs also prevent cracking or bowing of slats of the bed frame. Moreover, these support legs from Sidasu come with plastic glides with a width of 1-7/8-inch.

This large design prevents damages to the hard floor or carpet. These support legs are highly efficient in distributing the overall weight of the mattress. Also, the center support is considered a cost-effective product in case of maintaining luxurious bed frames and mattresses.

Overall, the center support set comes with all hardware and instructions for quick installation. With 6-1/2-inch and 14-3/4-inch height adjustability, the legs include an extender as well. 

What We Like: 

  • Comes with 2 leg supports and suitable for queen beds.
  • The legs are equipped with smooth and larger plastic glide.
  • Protects mattress, slats, bed frames, and floor.
  • Improves sleep quality and adds balance to the whole bed. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • Might seem to lack quality control. 

3. Bed Claw Unibody Bed Frame Slat Center Support Leg

This support leg is another great example of center support to make a comfortable bed. It suits all types of beds including the queen, king, and all. Reducing stress from the middle portion this Bed Claw center support leg is versatile. However, it has got a unibody construction. 

It allows providing essential support to the wooden slats of the frame. Preventing all kinds of cracking, bowing, sagging, and all, the support leg is a good source of balance. 

However, the leg is specially assembled and designed in the USA. It is equipped with zinc-plated steel glide. The glide is resistant to rust and it is durable and strong enough to distribute the pressure to the overall bed.

Moreover, the plastic glide has a width of 1-7/8-inch which is larger and great for proper weight distribution. Like any other best center support leg, this support also protects the floor and carpet from any kind of damages or scratches. 

What We Like: 

  • Comes with simple, strong, and unibody construction.
  • The unibody properly distributes the weight for perfect balance. 
  • Arrives with necessary instructions and accessories.
  • Larger glides are protective to the floor. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • Setting up may need expert support. 

Final Words

Now that you know the benefits of having center support for your bed frame and it’s time to choose the right one. Well, it depends on your bed frame and its material. There are many models available as the best adjustable center supports for bed. Also, you can pick from our chosen models reviewed above. 

There are supports for both wood and metal side rails. Hence, select center supports wisely to enjoy long-lasting pleasure and comfort. No more waste of money on buying new mattresses frequently to replace the sagged ones. So, be careful and secure your investment for center support of a bed frame.