Best Bed Frame for Endy Mattress (From 5 Options to Choose)

We all know how Endy mattresses have owned the hearts of thousands with their comfortable features. Endy is now one of the popular manufacturers because of its supportive and pressure-relieving mattresses and other sleep products. Hence, most people are looking for an Endy mattress for their bed. But to have the best outcome, you get to look for the best bed frame for Endy mattress as well. 

In general, Endy mattresses are meant for most bed frames out there. Yet, there are some recommendations to feel the supreme comfort as not all bed frames will offer you this. If you are looking for a firmer feel, the best mattress with the best bed frame is the right combination. 

5 Bed Frame that Are Ideal for Endy Mattress

To experience better comfort and firmness, undoubtedly the Endy Mattresses are the best. But the experience varies from person to person according to body weight, shape, and size. However, if you manage to have the best frame for your Endy bed mattress, your comfort is confirmed anyhow. 

ZINUS Shalini Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

To offer you supreme comfort, the Shalini Platform Bed from ZINUS is our first and the best pick. This bed frame will not only ensure your comfort and amenity but also will give your bedroom a whole new transformation. 

With all sophisticated materials, this bed is skillfully made. The stitching of the bed is also sophisticated and the fabric comes with neutral colors matching all personalities. 

Pulling the whole room together, the foundation of the bed has reliable features. However, the wood slat platform indicates its compatibility with all types of mattresses. Not an exception in the case of using your precious Endy mattress as well. Also, you won’t need a box spring for better adjustment. 

It is equipped with a trustable steel frame so that your backside is never hurt. To talk about the style, the bed is easy on the eyes with its flawless style. People even who like vibrant colors would choose this bed. This bed is also designed with a foam-padded headboard for ensuring expedite relaxation while reading books. 

Moreover, it is square tufting, stitching of diamond pattern, and sturdy foundation enhance the beauty more. The bed is also highly durable as its padding is done with dense foam. Overall, with wooden slats finish, the furniture is the best option to choose for the Endy mattress. 

What We Like: 

  • Comes with a sophisticated and comfortable foundation. 
  • A strong wood platform attached and a box spring is not needed. 
  • Requires easy and quick assembly. 
  • 5 years of limited warranty with every unit.  

What We Don’t Like: 

  • Complaints are found about the bed producing bed bugs. 

LINENSPA Contemporary Platform Bed Frame

This bed frame from LINENSPA that has grabbed our attention and it is competitively the best after the first one we reviewed. This is basically a metal frame with matte black color and finish. 

The most interesting fact about this bed frame is it comes with a contemporary platform that goes with all types of mattresses and headboards out there. Therefore, it will suit the Endy mattress as well.

The steel of the furniture has a solid construction. It provides reliable pressure-relief support. The sturdy steel frame comes with an aesthetic and modern style at the same time. Moreover, the frame is designed in an elevated way that keeps up to 12-inch space of storage under it. 

It also makes the room spacious enough even after its placement. You can use the space as an extra bar for keeping clothes, books, shoes, or anything. This contemporary platform also doesn’t require any box spring for adjusting the mattress. The frame is made for all sleep styles providing you utmost safety. 

Within no time, you will have this frame shipped in front of your door. And without any sweat and with a screwdriver and partner, you will get this bed ready real quick. It is possible only because of its convenient and easy assembly feature. 

What We Like: 

  • The bed frame is compact, convenient, and strong.
  • Made of quality steel and featured with contemporary design.
  • 12-inch clearance under the bed to secure a separate compartment.
  • Suitable for all mattresses including Endy ones. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • The frame doesn’t come with a headboard. 

Olee Sleep Bed Frame

If you are looking for a bed frame for your small and congested room yet want the best one to fit the Endy mattress, go for this one. Olee Sleep bed frame is also one of the best bed frames for Endy mattresses. 

This frame comes with steel slats. The steel of the frame is of higher quality and the frame is constructed in the sturdiest way confirming longer durability. To provide the best sleep quality, this exclusive bed frame is made through premium technology. 

Thus, with excellent strength, the frame is chic to look and a perfect deal. Moreover, do not worry if your floor is made of wood instead of concrete because the frame is featured with plastic feet. It protects your luxurious floor from getting scratched. 

The frame also resists the mattress to be slipped off. Again, its ample under-bed space of about 14-inch makes the place spacious enough. You can have your very own under-bed compartment to keep your personal stuff. 

Also, this frame comes with a seamless assembly feature. It arrives with all hardware and related tools required for its placement. All of its parts are self-foldable. Hence, getting the bed ready is just a matter of some minutes. 

What We Like: 

  • Styled with minimal structure and high-quality features.
  • Steel slats are heavy-duty and offer anti-slip support.
  • The spring box is not required and provides simple assembly.
  • Offers manufacturer limited warranty for 5-years. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • The space between slats is extra. 

ZINUS Alexis Deluxe Wood Platform Bed Frame 

We have picked another one from ZINUS as one of the best bed frames for Endy mattresses. The materials of this frame also include wood, steel, and plywood. 

More importantly, ZINUS bed frames always come with a beautiful and super comfortable headboard. This Alexis Deluxe wood platform bed comes with a rustic pine finish appearance and excellent support. The frame is constructed with the best materials possible hence it will serve you for years.

However, the interior framework of the bed is made of high-quality steel and the woody slats are also spaced closely on the frame. The frame won’t need any box spring as well. As a twin-sized bed, it will offer maximum weight holding capacity. 

This bed is not just a strong support system to your beloved bed; it is the most attractive centerpiece of a room. With all adorability, headboard, natural woody patterns, and knots, the bed is highly desired the moment you see it. 

These features are not only durable but also, maximize the longevity of the mattresses as well. The bed frame arrives with all parts and necessary tools confirming quicker assembly of them. Overall, this Alexis Deluxe bed frame from ZINUS is a real class out there. 

What We Like: 

  • Constructed with solid wood, strong steel, and durable slats.
  • Steel framework reinforcement extends durability.
  • Looks classy and elegant for its beautiful design and finish.
  • Provides worry-free 5-year limited warranty. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • The beams tend to break after a certain period. 

Giantex Platform Bed Frame

Last but not least, the Giantex Platform Bed Frame is also on this list for its excellent design, material, and feature. With all premium accessories, this 14-inch wood platform is not just the best for Endy mattresses. It is compatible with almost all mattresses. 

The frame is made of wood that is strong and not tends to be affected by weather or random humidity change. Any crack or tear won’t take place for sure. However, to ensure a hundred percent support the bed frame offers a total of 10 legs in the middle and side of the bed. 

It is featured with 14 thick boards on the top of the platform. This feature adds a strong balance to the overall frame. Also, it can hold the weight of any mattresses evenly. 

This Giantex frame comes with all premium accessories. It is designed with modern style yet the frame is concise enough to fit in any room. The wooden structure of the frame will suit any room and it will go with other furniture as well. 

With extra storage space under the frame, this bed is suitable and always ready to offer you sound sleep. Like our other reviewed bed frames for the Endy mattress, this bed frame also provides an easy and quick assemble feature. 

What We Like: 

  • Made of solid wood and given an espresso finish.
  • Balanced with legs and evenly placed bar boards.
  • Infused with premium accessories.
  • Offer storage space and easy install. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • Some of the support beams may not be assembled properly. 

Final Verdict

You might think buying the best mattress will be the end of it. But only a good mattress cannot give you the best feeling until you look for the best platform bed frame. So, it comes as the second most important thing after having the mattress. You just cannot overlook how a bed frame ensures an even and distributed support to the whole mattress. 

Now that you know about some of the best bed frames for your Endy mattress, we highly recommend the ZINUS Shalini platform bed frame. This is the best upholstered Shalini platform bed beyond your imagination. 

However, while choosing a bed frame make sure it is featured with materials and design that will stand your requirements. Only then you can feel real relaxation. 

Do You Need the Endy Bed Frame for Endy Mattress? 

An Endy mattress is basically designed for all types of bed frames. It is not necessary that it will only require an Endy bed frame to be settled. If your bed frame includes a traditional box spring, the Endy mattress will fit in it perfectly. If your bed is made with modern style and has a slatted base on the platform then also the Endy mattress will fit. 

However, an Endy bed frame is specially made for an Endy mattress. It is strong, modern, and meant as an all-in-one. That means all mattresses will fit the frame. Also, the Endy bed frames are easy to assemble and they are constructed in a way that the mattress will breathe through it.